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English School USA: How to Choose? Guide For International Students

Starting your English learning journey in the United States is exciting! When you're picking an English school, it's important to look at whether it's accredited. Accreditation is like a gold star that shows the school meets certain standards. Let's talk about why going to an accredited English school matters for students from other countries who are learning English in the USA. 


Getting a Visa: 

The U.S. government has rules about visas for students from other countries. Only accredited English schools can issue you the paperwork required to apply for a student visa. 


Good Education: 

Accreditation means the school meets specific standards for education. If you choose an accredited English school, you can trust that you'll get a good education. This is important for students like you who are spending time and money to learn English. 


Transferring Credits to Another English School: 

Accreditation makes it simple to move your school credits if you want to study more or focus on a specific part of English. This is helpful if you're thinking about getting a degree or changing to another school during your studies. If you are studying in the United States on an F-1 visa, you can transfer your active record to another accredited school, like ICLS. 


Getting Support from the English School: 

Accredited schools want to make sure you have everything you need to learn well. They offer extra help, like assistance with language, programs to help you fit in with the culture, and advice about your studies. Going to an accredited English school means you get more support for your whole experience. 


Finding a Job: 

Choosing an English school with a good reputation is important for finding a job. Employers like hiring people who went to accredited schools because it shows they got a good education. This can help you get a job after you finish learning English. 


When you're picking an English school among the many options in the United States, it's important to check if it's accredited. This opens opportunities for a good education, getting a visa, moving your credits, finding a job, getting money help, and receiving guidance and support from the school. You have the best chance of meeting your language-learning goals if you choose the right accredited school. 

The International Center for Language Studies is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). CEA uses a rigorous process to evaluate the quality of English programs. Their job is to make sure these programs follow certain standards, keep improving their curriculum, and get recognized for doing well.

Excited to continue learning English in the United States? For over fifty years, ICLS has offered English classes for learners across the globe, including a number of English classes in washington dc, as well as business english and english pronunciation classes both in-person and online. Our extensive array of carefully tailored English language courses offers study options to meet the needs of English language students of all ages and abilities, in goal oriented, individually focused classes. All of the teachers at ICLS are highly qualified and experienced instructors in the field of teaching ESL. Our teachers encourage constant oral practice and continuous exchange within the classroom, as speaking English is the best way of learning English and becoming fluent. Quality is a byword for everything ICLS stands for in the field of language learning.

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