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Government Employee Language Training

Welcome to ICLS, a trusted government contractor for providing elite language services to local and federal government employees. With over five decades of experience since our founding in 1966, we have been a beacon of language learning, catering to the needs of many government agencies. At the heart of our success lies our commitment to offering tailored language classes that adapt to the unique needs and preferences of your career in government. We look forward to serving you!

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Language Classes for Government Employees


Tailored to Your Goals

Our language classes are designed with your government career in mind. Whether you’re looking to enhance your business communication skills, prepare for a work assignment abroad, or achieve specific ILR goals, we have a program that suits your objectives.

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Fully Online Experience

In today’s interconnected world, convenience is key. That’s why we offer fully online language classes, allowing you to learn from the comfort of home or the office.

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Small Groups or Private Sessions

Choose the learning environment that best suits your preferences. Join a small group for a social and interactive experience or opt for private sessions for personalized attention and rapid progress.

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Our Expert Instructors

At ICLS, we believe that language learning should be led by the best. That’s why our instructors are not only native speakers of the target language but also trained language educators with a passion for teaching. They possess many years of experience teaching for a wide array of government agencies. Our educators bring a wealth of cultural knowledge and practical language skills to every class, ensuring an authentic and effective learning environment.

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Some of Our Clients

Department of State
Defense Language Institute
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Department of Defense
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Department of Commerce

Government Language Classes

Here is a sample of what we can offer:

  • Spanish for Foreign Service Officers
  • Russian for Crypto Linguists
  • Mandarin Chinese for Intelligence Analysts
  • German for Engineers
  • Arabic for Diplomats
  • French for Foreign Affairs Officers
  • Portuguese for Development Specialists
  • Turkish for International Trade Agents

We can offer any of these topics (and others) in any of the 85 languages we offer.

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Learn More About Language Classes For Government Personnel

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