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Online Group Classes

ICLS offers foreign language group classes in a variety of languages. We have a strong communicative and student-oriented approach to teaching and emphasize authentic language use. With our small class size, students have plenty of opportunities to practice their language skills. All classes are taught by qualified teachers with native-level proficiency in the target language.
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Group Program 2024 Session Dates

Winter Session: January 22nd – April 1st

Summer Session: July 8th – September 16th

Spring Session: April 15th – June 26th

Fall Session: September 30th – December 11th

Key Benefits

  • Small Group Classes

    Between 4-8 students on average. Maximum of 12.

  • Best Value in Washington, D.C.

    2 hours; 2 classes per week; 20 classes total; less than $12/hour.

  • Highly-Qualified Teachers

    Classes taught by teachers with native proficiency.

  • Emphasis on Speaking and Listening

    Lively, task-based exercises.

  • Four Sessions Per Year

    In one year, you can progress from beginner to intermediate.

  • Over 50 Years' Experience

    Over 50 years' experience in best practices in teaching foreign languages.


"Enrolling in this course has been not only a life-affirming learning experience, but also a transformational one in several respects. The long and short of it is Monsieur Tanguy has truly been a pleasure to work with, especially given his approachability, patience, exacting attention to detail, and rapport with his students. I loved having him as my French instructor and would really relish the opportunity to continue learning from him and developing my French language skills and cultural competency into future sessions. Merci beaucoup pour toutes les leçons -de vie et la langue française-, cher Professeur!"

French Beginner II Student

"Very interactive and fun. Spanish being very rigorous language to learn, Francisco made it fun and challenging at the same time and helped improve real life conversational skills."

Spanish Beginner II Student

"My instructor was great! She was clear, helpful, motivated me and pushed me in my language learning and speaking. I am taking another class because of the quality and care she put into every class. And I feel like I have grown so much in this course; I can’t wait to see how much more I grow in the next level!"

Russian Beginner I Student

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