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Private Language Instruction

ICLS offers several options for one-on-one customized language instruction, which can take place on-site at ICLS or in an online classroom. 
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Ways To Learn

Full-time Private Language Training
The ICLS full-time language training program is an intensive program with one-on-one instruction offered five days a week, four to six hours a day. Class hours are fifty minutes long and can be arranged to suit individual schedules. Full-time language training is designed for individual professionals and government employees who need to acquire proficiency for job-related needs. The curriculum of the full-time training program is based on levels of the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale. Within this program, we offer familiarization, basic, advanced, refresher, conversion, and test preparation courses, which are scheduled on demand.
Part-time Private Language Training
The ICLS part-time language training program offers a flexible schedule with one-on-one instruction ranging from 2 to 18 hours a week. Class hours are fifty minutes long and can be arranged to suit individual schedules. The part-time language training program is designed for an individual or professional who has a serious interest in learning a foreign language. Classes are scheduled on demand.
Semi-Private Language Training
Semi-Private Classes are designed for private individuals or corporate and organizational clients who request language training for two individuals. We offer a flexible training schedule on a full-time or part-time basis and customize instruction to cater to our client’s specific needs.
Customized Group Classes
ICLS offers customized group classes designed for corporate and organizational clients needing training programs for three or more students. Classes are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.
High-Intensity Language Training
ICLS provides a High-Intensity Language Training (HILT) program for professionals who must learn a foreign language on a tight timeline. HILT offers fast-paced, rapid progress in an intensive immersion environment. The highly structured private classes are based on a customized curriculum with multiple instructors who integrate speaking, listening, and reading skills in a context aligned with your professional goals.

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Key Benefits

  • Needs Assessment and Goal Alignment

    We guide you towards achieving your proficiency goals.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Morning, afternoon, and evening availability

  • Teachers with Native Proficiency

    Classes taught by highly-qualified teachers

  • Language Acquisition Counselors

    Meet with us to discuss your language training goals

  • Technology Integration for Learning Outcomes

    Cutting-edge learning management software optimizes learning outcome achievement


"Mustafa was a fantastic instructor - I wish I had begun my language instruction with ICLS. He was able to quickly identify my strengths and weaknesses and determined the best track to obtain my goals within the allotted timeframe."

Arabic student

"My French teacher was extraordinary. He explained things clearly and tailored instruction to my needs. His experience as a military officer allowed him to introduce me to French military terms and language I needed but had never before encountered."

French student

"Beeta is a fantastic, standard-bearing Farsi instructor, quite constructive, with whom my learning went through leaps and bounds. She’d explain new vocabulary in familar Farsi, allowing me to learn contextually from the gaps in entirely-Farsi conversation."

Farsi student

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