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WIN Internships in USA Spotlight: Linzheng Zhang

ICLS’ WIN the USA Intern & Trainee Exchange Program proudly spotlights its hard working interns who are driven to accomplish great things in their internships in the USA. Today, we are thrilled to share Linzheng’s experience in his exchange program with the ICLS family.

WIN Internship in USA Spotlight: Linzheng ZhangHi, my name is Linzheng and I am from China. I have been training for almost 5 months at Chess NYC in New York.

I have been learning business skills and marketing strategies. Now I am training in the office responding to emails, payroll, invoices, website management, and customer service. Sometimes, I have to go to public schools and help assist our chess coaches – I have been learning basic chess skills as well.

I have wanted to come to the United States since I was a little boy, and this dream came true in 2018. I have been to Alaska, and now I am in New York which is one of the most prosperous cities in the world – this is really amazing! I have enjoyed trying new foods in the US, like Shake Shack, Lady M, and ice cream trucks. I love them!

As far as my experience, my most favorite part of my internship is speaking English and the native English speaking environment. I speak English with my boss, co-workers, and especially the people I meet in the subway station. That really pushed me to learn and practice more. So I am making great progress now!

But life is not only a bed of roses. It is easy to make mistakes as an intern. Sometimes, these mistakes can make training frustrating. The first week of training was really challenging, with the language barrier, cultural conflict and bad jet lag, but…I finally made it! Now I am getting used to dealing with problems and communicating my questions or issues with my supervisor. This makes me feel cool!

My advice to others applying for internships in USA is that this exchange experience must be memorable, and is part of the ‘golden days’ in our life. Life is short, and we must do meaningful things to make us shine. Everyone should have the chance at an independent life. When you get old and remember this experience, I am sure you will not regret the exchange program.

I would absolutely recommend the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program to my friends and family! Thanks ICLS and WIN for providing me a chance to open my eyes and broaden my life!

The answer to "Can I do an internship in the USA" is always "Yes!". For more information about our WIN in the USA Intern & Trainee Exchange Program, please check out our information page

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