Letter from the Director

There is nothing quite like the feeling of making yourself understood, and in our globalized world, the ability to speak a second language is an essential tool in connecting and facilitating dialogue across cultures. Whether your language goals include being able to discuss professionally-relevant content in areas such as business, politics, policy, social, or environmental issues, or whether you would like to be able to speak with the locals while traveling abroad, ICLS will help you to reach your individual language goals.

Over the past 50 years, ICLS’ highly-qualified faculty has successfully taught more than 85 foreign languages to a wide range of students from the US Military, government agencies and private industry. Using their newly acquired language skills, our students have reported their ability to succeed in its surrounding culture. With our invaluable expertise and successful track record in providing high-quality language instruction, ICLS is ready to help you on your path to global success.

We look forward to helping you reach your individual language goals!

Anna Carson

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