High-Intensity Language Training (HILT)

High Intensity Foreign Language Training

ICLS provides a High-Intensity Language Training (HILT) program for professionals who must learn a foreign language on a tight timeline. Intermediate – advanced proficiency is required to be eligible for this program.

HILT offers fast-paced, rapid progress in an intensive immersion environment. The highly structured classes include a customized curriculum and multiple instructors who integrate speaking and listening skills in a context that is aligned with your professional goals.

Starting 6/4/2018, ICLS is offering a 10% discount on HILT tuition. This promotion ends 6/22/2018.

Participants can learn how to:

  • Conduct meetings
  • Give presentations
  • Negotiate
  • Network

To ensure the highest level of quality instruction is provided and goals are being met, ICLS classes are continually monitored and assessed. If you are interested in learning more about our HILT programs, please contact us today.

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