Distance Learning

Let ICLS Bring Our Classroom to You!

The International Center for Language Studies (ICLS) is an accredited, independent language school with over 52 years of experience offering language training, testing and curriculum development in English and over 85 languages to a wide range of students.

Our students come from private, business, government and diplomatic communities, many of whom have been our clients for over 30 years. As our horizons have expanded and today’s student is no longer tied to the classroom, ICLS has developed a robust Distance Learning Program that brings the live classroom experience to you in real time, wherever you are.

In Your Time Zone

Private Instruction

Tailored to your goals on your time

Short-term or long-term instruction

Taught in over 85 languages

Group Instruction

Ongoing group instruction that anyone can join, from anywhere

Customized training programs for 3 or more students

Lively and immersive environment

Virtual Classrooms

Train from any location through our live, interactive, virtual classroom

Crystal-clear audio, digital white board and chat features

Ability to record sessions

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Phone: 202-639-8800

Our Immersive Environment is Just a Click Away

Our synchronous online classes taught by experienced native-speaking teachers allow you to easily immerse yourself in an authentic language setting.

Classes are live, with crystal-clear audio, digital white board and chat features, post-class assignments, and the ability to record sessions which allow you to review previous classes at your leisure.

Small class sizes and differentiated instruction ensure plenty of opportunities to enhance your language skills while also meeting professional development requirements.

Learn the language
you’ve always
wanted to speak

Enhance your
current proficiency

Fulfill professional

Highly Experienced Teachers

Highly-communicative classes, led by native speakers of over 85 languages, help you build and enhance your language skills through learner-centered tasks and lively discussions on engaging topics.

Our teachers have an average of over 10 years in the field, and are well-equipped to help you navigate any trouble spots, refine your pronunciation, and broaden your vocabulary on a range of topics.

Customized Curricula

ICLS specializes in customizing curricula to students’ needs, while at the same time establishing a firm foundation to attain maximum proficiency.

ICLS has a strong student-centered and communicative approach to teaching that tailors language instruction to the different language learning styles of our students and emphasizes authentic language use.

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