Our Faculty

ICLS is an organization of language teachers from top to bottom. Because we are not part of a larger corporate entity, our success over the past fifty years is solely attributable to our reputation for excellence in teaching.

The majority of our teachers have advanced degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language, linguistics, or closely related fields. Additionally, a large percentage of our teachers have acquired second or third languages and have lived and taught abroad. We feel that the experience of having lived abroad helps them to better understand the perspective of a second-language learner and a foreigner communicating with cultural codes different from their own. This experience also helps our teachers to better address the diverse learning needs of the student in the ESL classroom.

The ICLS faculty regularly takes part in professional development trainings in order to stay abreast of current best practices in teaching English as a Second Language. ICLS routinely provides in-house workshops, and our faculty often participate in trainings presented by the Washington, D.C. Area Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Association (WATESOL), TESOL International Association, International Language Roundtable Master Testers, American University, and the Defense Language Institute, among others.

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