Today’s path to global success very often hinges upon one’s ability to express themselves clearly and confidently in English. For over fifty years ICLS has provided international students, diplomats, business executives, journalists, and other professionals with dynamic, goal-oriented courses which help them reach their English language goals.

We proudly offer a wide variety of programs which immerse students in authentic language environments both in the classroom and through our numerous field trips and activities. Our programs take a communicative approach which helps students to increase their confidence and proficiency in all areas including speaking, listening, reading and writing. Throughout their programs, ICLS students are given a wealth of guidance, assistance, and dynamic hands-on instruction from highly qualified professionals, allowing them to maximize their learning.

ICLS is located in downtown Washington, DC, just steps from the White House. Right outside our doors you’ll find a historically rich and ethnically diverse city, brimming with educational, cultural, political and scientific institutions and a wealth of dining, entertainment and recreational options. Without a doubt, you’ll find plenty of enriching experiences in Washington, DC.

I look forward to welcoming you to ICLS and helping you reach your individual English language goals.

Connie Lee

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