Distance Learning

ICLS offers a Distance Learning training option for private classes in English at all levels. For your Distance Learning training program, we will create a customized curriculum and select appropriate materials for your course just as we do for our individual one-on-one programs on-site. Our Distance Learning courses are taught by qualified native teachers in a live, interactive virtual classroom. Depending on your specific needs, you may choose to take classes exclusively in our live virtual classroom or through a blended program of both online and on-site classes.

You can train from any location in the world following a schedule of your choice regardless of differences in time zones. For more information about the Distance Learning training option, please contact us today.

Key Benefits

  • Allows students to train privately with our highly qualified, native English-speaking teacher from any location worldwide
  • Students follow a customized curriculum based on their specific goals
  • Courses are taught through a live, interactive virtual classroom


To register for the Distance Learning program, please complete our online application.

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