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American Holidays Thanksgiving

If you walked through any supermarket in America right now, you’d see warm fall colors, pictures of families, and advertisements for turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce everywhere you looked. That’s because Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This popular American holiday is celebrated on the last Thursday of November each year. It’s a chance for families to gather from far and wide and celebrate all the things they’re thankful for with a huge feast of traditional holiday dishes.

Thanksgiving food is some of the most delicious American food out there! Here are some of our favorite traditional dishes, and recipes so you can make them yourself.

Turkey: This is the main course at every Thanksgiving dinner! People cook their turkeys using many different recipes. Every turkey is unique!

Try it yourself: Black Pepper & Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Turkey

Stuffing: Before cooking the turkey, Americans fill it with a stuffing mixture made with bread, spices, and sometimes even sausage. When the turkey is done, we take the stuffing back out of the bird and serve it as a side dish.

Try it yourself: Southern Style Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing

Cranberry Sauce: Despite the name, cranberry sauce is actually a kind of jelly, not a sauce. Many people prefer to buy cans of it instead of making it themselves! This sweet side dish made with cranberries and sugar is a festive addition to any Thanksgiving table.

Try it yourself: Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Mashed Potatoes: No Thanksgiving would be complete without this simple classic!

Try it yourself: Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potato Casserole: This might be the most uniquely American dish around! To make it, we usually cut up sweet potatoes, cover them with marshmallows, and bake them in the oven.

Try it yourself: Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

Pumpkin Pie: This iconic fall dessert is essential to every Thanksgiving table.

Try it yourself: Pumpkin Pie


Experiencing American culture is an important part of learning English at ICLS. This year, students in our Intensive English Program will get to experience these Thanksgiving foods and traditions for themselves in the heart of Washington, DC. Stay tuned for more updates on their adventures!

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