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Teacher Feature: Sarantsetseg Myagmar on Thinglink Examples

Sarantsetseg Myagmar has 20 years of experience as a language instructor in academic settings in the US and abroad, and she has authored two Mongolian language textbooks. She has been teaching Mongolian for ICLS at the Foreign Service Institute since 2019. She learned about Thinglink when she attended an ICLS workshop in April 2021. After the training, Sarantsetseg developed several Thinglink activities for her students, including the one featured below on the topic of video game addiction.

As you can see in the screenshot, Sarantsetseg embedded various elements in her Thinglink, such as a Quizlet set, a YouTube clip, and some discussion questions (numbered 1-5 in yellow). She then shared the Thinglink with her students, who recorded their answers to the questions (numbered 1 through 5 in green).

You can view a copy of the Thinglink activity here. For privacy reasons, student recordings have been removed. Although you can use Thinglink for free, you do need a teacher license to collaborate with students on projects such as this one ($35/year).

Sarantsetseg’s use of Thinglink is particularly interesting because it shows how to use this tool to create student-centered language learning activities where students are the ones authoring the content.

Mongolian classroom

In June 2021, Sarantsetseg Myagmar and her colleague Vina Srikanthan shared their experience using Thinglink for the Foreign Service Institute in a presentation entitled “ThingLink: How to create an Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience.”  

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