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Teacher Feature: Jean-Marc Jezequel on Edpuzzle for Teachers

Jean-Marc Jezequel on Edpuzzle for TeachersJean-Marc Jezequel has been teaching French for ICLS at the IMF for four years. He started using Edpuzzle after attending a workshop at ICLS back in August 2020. Edpuzzle is a simple tool that allows teachers to embed questions inside video clips and share them with students. They can choose clips from various sites such as YouTube or Khan Academy or upload their own. Jean-Marc went through the extra step of integrating Edpuzzle inside Canvas, which allows him to assign activities directly from Canvas.  


A typical Edpuzzle activity takes around 10 minutes. Jean-Marc’s students shared that they enjoy watching video clips on finance-related topics but find cultural themes (arts, movies, food, etc.) equally interesting.  


If you have an Edpuzzle account, make sure to join the International Center for Languages Studies group to browse the extensive collection of activities that Jean-Marc and other ICLS teachers haves created over the past few months. You will be able to view, copy and edit a collection of over 40 video clips. The topics range from French cities, cinema, finance, history to politics and literature. 


If you are interested in learning more about Edpuzzle, the workshop recording and handout are available in the Ed Tech portal. 


Learn more about using teacher tools online (including ChatGPT for language teachers) at our Teacher PD tech workshops.

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