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5 Fun English Idioms to Make Your Head Spin

If you’ve ever learned a language, you know that idioms — those pesky phrases that don’t make sense when you translate them literally, but that native speakers use all the time — can be tricky. It’s hard to know what a phrase means when you can’t piece it together word by word! But idioms, frustrating as they are, can be so much fun. They tell us a lot about the culture and history of a language, and are some of the most satisfying words to learn! Here are some fun English idioms we think you’ll love to use in your language learning journey.

5 Fun English Idioms to Spice Up Your Speaking

Fun English idiomsIt makes my head spin!

Think about the last time you were dizzy. It was probably a disorienting experience! As you might expect, saying something (or someone) “makes your head spin” means that they confuse or bewilder you.

Egg someone on

Contrary to what you might think, this expression has nothing to do with eggs or cooking. In English, the fun idiom “to egg someone on” means “to encourage them!”

Hold your horses!

Most English speakers don’t own horses, so it’s a safe bet that there’s more to this phrase than you think. Telling someone to “hold their horses” is an idiomatic way of asking them to slow down or wait, especially if they’re overly excited.

To gatecrash

This word might make you think of kicking down a huge gate and storming into a room, but its meaning is a little subtler than that. Have you ever attended a party or event without being invited? If so, congratulations — you were gatecrashing! This is a catch-all way to describe going to a social event without an invitation.

Pardon my French!

Ironically, English speakers frequently use this idiom — and it has nothing to do with French! People may use the expression “pardon my French” to excuse themselves before or after using a swear word or saying something unsavory.

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