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Level Up: Tips for Advanced Language Learners

For advanced language learners, it can be tricky to take your skills to the next level.

You’ve struggled in the throes of grammar rules and built an impressive vocabulary. You’re confident that you can solve problems, talk about your daily life, and navigate a new culture. But the more you know in your second language, the harder it can feel to make progress at the advanced level. Advanced language learners indeed face unique challenges in developing their abilities. At the same time, this stage of the learning process is full of opportunities.

Wondering how you can keep making language gains at the advanced level and beyond? Read on!

1. Set measurable goals and track your progress.

One of the hardest parts of being at an advanced language level is feeling like you aren’t making huge leaps in proficiency anymore. That’s normal, but it can be demoralizing. So make sure you’re setting realistic, fun, and measurable language goals for yourself, and keep them in mind while you study! You can keep track of your progress by keeping a video diary, completing language challenges, or journaling in your target language.

Having a teacher or learning partner who keeps you on track helps as well! At ICLS, instructors are trained to meet the unique needs of advanced students.


2. Vocab, vocab, vocab!

Once you’ve established a strong base in your target language, vocab development is key. You can use high-level resources like articles, TV shows, or podcasts to build custom vocab lists based on subjects you care about. Then, use some simple and smart study tools to keep new words in your memory!


3. Express your opinions.

Defending your point of view is a critical skill for advanced learners. Making an argument forces you to think on your feet, articulate quickly, and use high-level vocabulary. As such, it’s a great way to both practice and build your language skills. Try debating, discussing, or writing an op-ed in your target language to stretch your brain!


4. Perfect your pronunciation.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of your target language, work on refining the details. Pronunciation is a great place to start. In ICLS Special Topics courses, your instructor will help you refine your pronunciation and fluency so you can speak confidently at a high level.


5. Be spontaneous.

Seek out opportunities to use your language spontaneously, because practicing without preparation is a great way to build confidence! You might visit speakers in your community, watch a film without subtitles, or speak with a language partner. Debates, discussions, and target language readings are also great choices.


We offer both online group language classes and online or in-person private language classes for advanced language learners, giving you the chance to explore topics you care about, build your confidence, and rapidly improve your skills based on your own unique interests and goals. Courses curricula are tailored to student interests and incorporate lively, interactive, and discussion-based activities led by experienced instructors. Take your language to the next level with us!

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