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5 Tips to Learn a Language Online

The digital era is upon us, and as we become more tech-savvy, educators are transforming their classrooms digitally and providing us with an alternative option to learn. In the world of language learning, the physical classroom experience is still a popular choice, but for those who seek flexibility, learning online is crucial. If you are someone who wants to take a language class online, consider the below tips to maximize your learning experience.

1. Sign up for a Live Online Course

It’s important to sign up for a language course that is live and taught by a qualified instructor.


1) You will stay on track and follow a purposeful curriculum tailored to your goals and proficiency level.

2) You will have a professional to correct your mistakes in real time.

3) Your speaking and listening skills will improve at a faster rate through synchronous communication.

4) You will accurately track your progress from your instructor’s feedback.

5) You will save time in the long run by having an instructor create your lesson plans.

Asynchronous language learning platforms are encouraged as supplemental material, but ultimately fall short. If you are serious about learning a language, do yourself a favor and invest in a live online language class.


2. Consistency is Key

When it comes to language learning, frequency is key. Daily exposure is important to continually exercise the brain muscles that are used when speaking a second language. Even if you are not taking daily online classes, there are many supplemental materials that you can use until your next scheduled class:

  • YouTube (Listening, Reading)
  • Apps: Duolingo, Babbel (Listening, Reading, Speaking)
  • Podcasts (Listening)
  • Movies/TV – try the Language Learning with Netflix Google Chrome extension (Listening, Reading)
  • Books – read out loud to practice pronunciation (Reading, Speaking)
  • Chat with a friend (Speaking, Listening)

If you don’t use it, you lose it.


3. Create a Good Study Environment

This seems like a no-brainer, but everyone’s household is structured differently. Maybe you share an apartment with a roommate, have a house with kids and furry friends running around, or live on a noisy street. Whatever your situation may be, the below suggestions are within your control and can eliminate potential roadblocks in your learning experience.

Use headphones that have microphones built inside. This will prevent outside noise from interfering with your voice and will allow you to clearly hear your instructor.
Get a quiet room away from household distractions. Ideally, have a desk that you can use so that you can sit comfortably and take notes. Make this your study place every time so that you associate this space with productive learning.
Minimize streaming during class. Close and disconnect all devices from your Wi-Fi-network to ensure strong bandwidth and to avoid connection issues during your class.
Pay attention to lighting. In general, a well-lit room is important so that you can see your instructor and your instructor can see you. However, be careful of light sources directly behind you as they can make your face turn dark.


4. Be an Active Note Taker

Even though you are not in a traditional classroom setting, don’t forget to take notes. Taking notes has been proven to improve focus and attention to detail, promote active learning, and boost comprehension and retention. Figure out which method works best for you – whether it is writing on a notepad or typing in a digital notebook – and start synthesizing key points.


5. Take Breaks

Maybe one of the most important tips for learning a language online is remembering to do the opposite of learning: taking breaks. Learning a language is an extremely challenging brain exercise. Listen to your body when you feel like you are hitting a wall and take a break. Go for a walk outside, do some exercise, cook a meal, talk to a friend, play a video game – do whatever activity will help you re-charge your brain. Resting your mind after intense learning is critical to optimal performance.


We hope that you turn these tips into advantages of online learning. Starting to learn a language online can be a very fruitful endeavor while providing you with the convenience that a physical classroom can not offer. If you have any questions about our live online classes that we teach to both individuals and groups, please do not hesitate to submit the request information form below!

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