Your path to global success starts with the ICLS focus on tailoring programs to help you reach your individual language learning goals.

— Karen Decker, President

Learning languages and participating in exchange programs is the most meaningful manifestation of people-to-people diplomacy in today’s global society. As the global economy continues to expand, more and more previously unconnected parts of the world are benefiting from newly constructed bridges of communication. The soundness of that strategy—and the cross-cultural opportunities that acquiring language proficiency creates—makes this the most exciting and potentially rewarding period in the history of language learning.

Learning languages delivers both educational and workplace benefits for young and old alike. For many, mastering English is the key to success in international business or to securing an advanced degree in the United States. For others, the explosion of companies and organizations doing business with people and cultures for which English is not the primary language has created an unprecedented need for employees whose command of other languages makes them critical to corporations competing both in this country and abroad.

Whether you are beginning a new language or improving your skills in one you have studied, it is an important commitment which is challenging, exciting and one that can open new doors. I invite you to join one of our programs and become part of the ICLS community. The language skills you acquire and experience you will have at ICLS will last a lifetime!

Warm Regards,

Karen Decker

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