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Timeline Photos Happy #motivationmonday everyone! Our ESL department is back with a new Language Tip!

Hi ICLS Students, Teachers, and Alumni!
This week we’re talking about the English phrasal verb “get around.”

“Get around” is used to talk about how you ...
IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston, USA What a workshop it has been so far: a room full of industry leaders and decision makers from a fantastic variety of IALC in such a historic location.
International Center for Language Studies-ICLS shared IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston, USA's ...
Half of All Languages Come from One Root Language. How it Spread Is Something of... Happy Friday, everyone! Check out this article which shows the attempts being made to try and map the historical spread of half of our modern languages!

"The sheer variety of languages on Earth is dizzying in their array and divergence. ...
Timeline Photos Last night's #IALCBoston welcome reception at Fenway Park was a home run! We are honored to be the newest and only Washington DC member of IALC - International Association of Language Centres! #IALC2017
International Center for Language Studies-ICLS at IALC ...
Communicating with another 1.3 billion people is just one reason to start learning Chinese. #LanguageMatters
Timeline Photos Our #motivationmonday comes straight from our ESL department, who have this original graphic and accompanying mini-lesson:

Do you know what the English idiom “feel under the weather” means?

“Feel under the weather” means to be sick. You can see a ...
American English at State Happy International Day of Happiness, everyone! What are you doing to make your day brighter today?

#makehappiness #internationaldayofhappiness #ohhappyday
Be happy, and spread happiness! Today (March 20) is International Day of Happiness. What will you do to make someone happy ...
7 Key Phrases to Use When You Talk to Your Boss | #LanguageMatters One of the many languages we teach is Xhosa, which is spoken in South Africa and Lesotho! It is a notoriously difficult language for non-native speakers to learn, but maybe this video will help! Try and keep up with this ...
Academy of Arts and Sciences makes case for increasing foreign #language | @calacademy #LanguageLearning
IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston, USA Woohoo!
11 Days to go!

It’s Monday (yay!) which means we have just 11 days to go until the Boston workshop. Take a look at these four schools, from all over the world that we’re really excited to see very ...
If You Can Identify 75% Of These Languages On Sight, You're Probably A Genius How many of you are language geniuses? Take this quiz by Buzzfeed and test your language knowledge! Can anyone beat Meredith's score of 16/19?

#languagelearning #languagetesting #buzzfeedquizzes
Can you tell Hindi from Korean?
People who speak multiple #languages make the best employees | @qz #languagematters
#Banking jobs denied to young people due to having 'wrong accents' | #languages
Honoring International Women's Day Happy International Women's Day to all of our friends around the world!
International Center for Language Studies-ICLS shared a post.
MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together "Do languages develop grammars that force speakers to neatly package concepts together, making sentences easier to follow? Or, when we look at a variety of languages, do we find that not all of them follow the same pattern?"

Ever wonder ...
Enjoy French Culture at the Francophonie Festival in Washington DC Bonjour tout le monde!

March in Washington DC is about to get très très chic - The Francophonie Cultural Festival is coming back to DC for the entire month of March! Starting March 6th, you will find French language concerts, ...
These Apps Teach the Culture and Languages of Mexican Indigenous Communities Happy Friday, everyone!

Take a look at these awesome new apps, which aim to teach and preserve indigenous culture and languages in Mexico. Has anyone here learned an indigenous second language? We'd love to hear of your experience!

#languagelearning #mexico ...
Arabic Words Illustrated to Match Their Literal Meaning by Mahmoud Tammam Take a look at these beautiful illustrations that match their literal Arabic meanings, found by our own Anna Carson! Arabic is one of the most popular languages that we teach here at ICLS, and for good reason!

#arabiclanguage #languagelearning #illustrations


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