Hosting Intern/Trainee

Welcome International Students and Professionals to Your Organization

ICLS’ WIN in the USA Program always seeks partnerships with new companies interested in hosting international interns and trainees.

Designated by the US Department of State, ICLS sponsors qualified students, recent graduates and young professionals in US organizations for short-term internship and traineeship programs.

All candidates are screened, tested and receive an orientation to American Business English and Culture in order to meet your organization’s needs and prepare participants for a successful start in their internships.

Interns and Trainees come to the US for 3-12 months to receive a hands-on internship or training in American organizations throughout the country in a variety of fields (refer to the occupational fields below).

Why hosting an international intern or trainee brings value to your organization

  • Provides opportunities to establish links with international businesses and learn foreign culture
  • Enriches the diversity of your organization; brings new ideas and perspectives
  • Provides a cross-cultural perspective on products and services
  • Engage interns and trainees in various aspects of the organization and ongoing projects
  • Offers competency in different languages
  • Establishes long-term opportunities for hosting future interns
  • Highlights your organization as a valued contributor in promoting international business relations and cultural exchanges

Rewarding Experience

  • Hosting Interns and Trainees can be a very fulfilling experience for organizations, as well as for participants.
  • Host organizations benefit both from the extra help that they receive, and also gain knowledge about the participants’ home countries.
  • Participants are able to experience American culture and business practices, and later take their new skills home to share with their peers.
  • Successful internships and traineeships often inspire other potential participants to enter the same fields. Host organizations may host interns and trainees year round.

Contact ICLS at to learn about application requirements and procedures.

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