Designated Fields

ICLS is designated by the US Department of State as an Exchange Visitor Program sponsor for the Intern and Trainee categories of the J-1 Visa.

J-1 Intern & Trainee Categories

  • Arts and Culture, Education, Health Related Occupations
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Public Administration and Law
  • Information Media and Communications
  • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance
  • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations

Description of occupational fields

Arts and Culture:

Design and Applied Arts, Cinematography and Film/Video Production, Commercial Photography, Commercial and Advertising Art, Arts Management, Design and Visual Communications, General, Fashion/Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Music Management and Merchandising, Play and Screenwriting, Printmaking, Sculpture design techniques, Theater Management, Visual and Performing Arts projects, etc.

Hospitality and Tourism:

Hospitality Administration/Management, Hospitality Marketing Operations, Hotel Administration/Management, Tourism Promotion Operations, Tourism and Travel Services Management, Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations, Cultural Tourism Development, Ecological Tourism Development, etc.

Public Administration and Law:

Public Relations, Public Policy, Business & Labor Law, Civil Liberties, Human Rights Law, International Law, Environmental Law, Conflict Resolution, Refugee and Migration Policy, Regulatory Affairs, US Nonprofit Administration, etc.

Information Media and Communications:

Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Communications, Information Technology, Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication, Television/Radio/Print Journalism, Printing & Publishing, etc.

Management, Business, Commerce and Finance:

Accounting, Banking and Financial Support Services, Business Administration, Management/Operations, Business, Marketing, Customer Service Management, E-Commerce, Finance and Financial Management Services, Human Resources Management, International Business/ Trade/Commerce, Logistics and Materials Management, Information Systems, Operations, Sales, Distribution, and Marketing.

The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations:

Project Development and Administration related to Biology, Environmental Biology, Oceanography, Microbiology, Oncology, Civil /Computer /Environmental Engineering, Urban Architecture, Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Relations, Computer Engineering Technologies, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies, etc.

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