Available Internships

ICLS is excited to present interesting internship opportunities for international students and recent graduates. These internships are provided by organizations located in Washington DC. All internships range from 3-6 months with a possible extension and are unpaid, 32-40 hours a week. All applicants must be pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited institution outside the United States in a field related to the internship positions.

Peacebuilding, International Relations, and Conflict Resolution Internship
The intern will participate in writing grant proposals, research, marketing design, data management, conducting interviews with scholars, and work on related projects in an international think tank focusing on diplomacy in areas of conflict. Additionally, the intern will have the opportunity to learn about the grant writing process, and assist in facilitating dialogues focused in conflict settings around the world.

Marketing, Business, and Communications Internship
In this internship, the intern will be introduced to marketing techniques including completing tasks such as American brand development, promotion of products, American client/customer relations, and sales account practices. This internship is perfect for someone who has a focus on business marketing who would like to expand their knowledge of digital marketing and brand development in American business.

Entrepreneurial and Business Development Internship
This business is looking for an entrepreneurial-minded student to help with marketing and startup community partnerships. The intern will assist with researching start-ups and startup communities, reaching out to potential partners, following up with scheduling, and discussing relationships with the company. Mainly, the intern will assist the company in developing startups and maintaining those relationships.

Real Estate Small Business Management Internship
This internship is focused on the American Real Estate business and is suitable for those with a background and/or interest in real property development, business administration, and marketing. The intern will work with a real estate company to build out their reservation system, marketing new and existing properties, and managing social media. The intern will also assist with customer relations, expansion of the business workflow processes, research the marketing, and explore pricing models.

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