English for Professionals

For professionals who need to improve their English language skills for the workplace, our ICLS instructors will complement the Intensive English Program by tailoring a program that introduces them to American business culture, including, language, etiquette, meeting and presentation skills, and more. This course is a combination of intensive English instruction in the morning and private classes in the afternoon.

In this customized course, students can choose from topics including American business culture, language, and etiquette meeting and presentation skills, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and more.

If you would like learn more about how you can to improve both your professional English language skills and familiarity with American business culture, please contact us today!

Key Benefits

  • Focus on improving overall proficiency in the Intensive English Program in the mornings
  • Afternoons center around a challenging curriculum designed for the unique needs of working professionals
  • Students receive all the benefits of both the Intensive English Program and private classes combined


To register for the English for Professionals program, please complete our online application.

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