Specialized Programs

English and Internship (J-1)

2 months Intensive English Program and Business English course, followed by
3-12 months Internship or Traineeship

Conditional English and Internship (J-1)

60-80 hours Intensive English and 30 hours Private Business English, followed by
3-12 months Internship or Traineeship

Online Business English and Internship (J-1)

30-60 hours Intensive Business English, followed by
3-12 months Internship or Traineeship

Intensive English Program & Business English (F-1), followed by Internship (J-1)

3-6 months Intensive English and 30-hour Business English
Internship or Traineeship (with placement service)
Internship or Traineeship (without placement service)

AMERIGO Program (J-1)

15-hour Business English and Introduction to US Business Practices
3 months internship and weekly business seminars in Washington, DC

Intensive Business English Course

At the end of the course, participants are expected to have the ability to communicate and negotiate business ideas, make presentations, participate in group projects, and work productively in professional environments. In addition, the course helps participants become prepared for the seminars on US business industry and culture following the Intensive Business English program.

Workshops on US Business Trends and Practices

Participants will be introduced to US business trends and culture, discuss modern business management techniques, meet guest speakers and visit companies to observe their businesses in person. In addition, participants will take part in role plays and group projects.

At the end of the course, participants will be familiar with US industry trends and will be better prepared to begin their internships.

Internship/Training Program

  • The internship program is designed to allow international participants to gain firsthand exposure to US culture and business practices in their chosen occupational fields.
  • Internships will take place at chosen organizations in the Washington, DC-metropolitan area.
  • Participants will receive an orientation to their host organizations, meet staff members, and discuss their individual training plans with assigned supervisors.
  • Individual training plans offer hands-on training in select fields through participation in the host organizations’ ongoing projects, events, and daily activities.
  • Internships are full-time and last for three months.

At the end of the program, participants are expected to gain hands-on experience in American business culture and practices; improve their knowledge of US industry as well as exchange knowledge and culture of their home countries.

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